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Company Profile 

EHIGH Co., Ltd is rated as the world's leading 10cm high accuracy location system provider. Proficient in UWB location, EHIGH is always committed to providing users with comprehensively customized services, including integrated location software and hardware. Founded in 2014, it is located in the Intelligent Information Park of Chengdu.

       EHIGH is committed to contributing to the vigorous development of IoT and industry 4.0.

The R&D team and core technology come from the (A+ national key disciplines of electronic science and technology, as well as information and communication engineering under the Double First-Class initiative) of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

9 Yearsexperience in the professional field (covering mobile communications, radar, microwave circuits, cloud computing and big data processing, etc).

7 Yearsexperience in product development (covering UWB positioning products, AI vision products and SDK secondary development platform). 

 1,200+ practical projects (covering more than 20 applications such as intelligent manufacturing, public security and justice, electric energy, petrochemical industry, etc). 

 3 Major business process systems (introducing and innovating the service and management from Huawei LTC, IPD, ITR). 

 50+ national patents. 

 High-tech enterprise of IoT.

 ISO9001 Quality management system certification

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Honors and Patents

● National high-tech enterprise 

Ownership of 40+ projects with intellectual property rights 

● ISO9001 quality management system certification 

Software enterprise certification 

Intellectual property management system certification