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EHIGH Anti-collision System of Forklift
EHIGH Solution for the Anti-Collision and Ranging of Forklifts

    Forklifts are widely used in transportation hubs, factory workshops, warehouses, circulation centers and distribution centers and so on, almost indispensable for workshops as a major means of transport. The operation is simple and convenient, but accidents also occur frequently. In recent years, the frequency of accidents related to forklifts has skyrocketed, therefore, it is the priority of all manufacturers to ensure the proper operation of forklifts.

      EHIGH forklift anti-collision system is a set of safety ranging systems developed independently based on UWB technology, with an accuracy of 10cm. Through accurate ranging and early warning, forklift accidents can be effectively prevented and the accurate position of personnel and vehicles can be figured out in real time. The system is also featured by large capacity, strong anti-multipath ability, low power consumption and so on.

      There are mainly two kinds of equipment in the system: the ranging base station, and the ranging tag. In specific applications, the distance between the base stations, and between the base station and the tag represents the distance between vehicles and between vehicles and personnel respectively. When the distance is less than the set minimum value, the alarm and tag connected to the base station will issue a real-time alarm to prevent forklift collisions.

System Introduction:

EHIGH Solution for the Anti-Collision and Ranging of Forklifts
EHIGH Solution for the Anti-Collision and Ranging of Forklifts
EHIGH Solution for the Anti-Collision and Ranging of Forklifts
Disel Forklift
Electric Forklift
Narrow Aisel forklift
Reach Forklift
Bucket Wheel Excavator
Mining Dump Truck
Loading Truck

Pain points of the industry:

  ◆ Minor ranging errorThe integration of positioning and ranging keeps the ranging error within 10cm. 

  ◆ Large-scope anti-collision:The anti-collision distance is subject to adjustments within the range of 1-50m. 

  ◆ Large ranging capacity:Allowing the simultaneous functioning of over 50 base stations or tags. 

  ◆ Multiple types of alarm:Vbration, voice, sound and light alarm, and emergency evacuation. 

  Omni-directional monitoring:Omni-directional monitoring accessible to the periphery of forklift, ensuring overall security. 

Mining Machinery
Crawler Crane
Gantry Crane
Corner anti-collision
Fusion position application
EHIGH Anti-collision ranging base station

Application scenario:

Anti-collision between personnel and vehicles

Application scenario 1:Anti-collision between personnel and vehicles 

The forklift is equipped with a ranging base station and an acousto-optic alarm. Each personnel wears a ranging tag. When the distance between the personnel and the forklift is less than the alarm distance, the announciator and the tag will give out an alarm at the same time.

Anti-collision between vehicles

Application scenario 2:Anti-collision between vehicles

All forklifts are equipped with ranging base stations and acousto-optic alarms. When the distance between vehicles is less than the alarm distance, the vehicle will give an alarm automatically.

Application scenario 3:Corner anti-collision

Ranging base stations and acousto-optic alarms are installed at the corner of the workshop and on the forklifts. Personnel wear ranging tags, which will automatically give an alarm when the forklift or personnel approaches the corner.

Application scenario 4:Fusion position application

The system has the function of positioning expansion and is applicable to EHIGH UWB positioning system. The system enables the ranging between ranging base stations, and between ranging base stations and ranging tags. It also has high-precision positioning schemes. The system can realize the real-time position positioning of forklifts and personnel and has other functions based on the position information (track playback, electronic fence, video linkage, etc.)

System Components:

EHIGH Anti-collision ranging base station
EHIGH Anti-collision ranging tag

EHIGH Forklift Anchor 

      Model Number:EH100608D01

  Ranging Accuracy:10cm 

  Protection level: IP65

  Power Interface: 7 Core Air Plug (9-36V) 

  Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃

  Distance Coverage: 100m


EHIGH Pedestrian Tag

      Ranging Accuracy:EH100608A

  Ranging Accuracy:10m

  Protection Level:IP67 

  Interaction: Sound/Light/Vibration

  Built-in RFID: Support One-card

  Alarm Adjustable Range:1~50m

Employee ID Card

Helmet Tag