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UWB positioning airport system
UWB Real Time Location Tracking for Airport

With UWB technology, we provide efficient, safe and reliable location for airport operation, and enhance the capability for digital transformation and improve the service quality.

Pain Points of the Industry:

Solution Overview: 


 With UWB technology, EHIGH personnel location system at the airport obtains the accurate location of staff/suspicious luggages through deploying a certain number of location anchors at the airport, and labelling staff/suspicious luggages with location tags, with the accuracy up to 10cm.

 The system conducts real-time location on suspicious luggages through customs to strengthen customs supervision and improve customs service, increasing the accuracy of baggage inspection, as well as improving the efficiency of customs clearance, hence reducing the work load of the staff.  

 Through location system, security guards, service staff, vehicles, distribution display, vehicle/staff tracking, track playback, cross-boundary alarm, overspeed alarm and accident analysis can be realized. Based on these information, the system helps the airport dispatch staff and vehicles properly, and develop a smart management system to provide better service and build a smart airport.  

Case Videos:

  ◆ Difficulties in monitoring scattered security guards/service staff

  ◆ Inability to monitor the suspicious luggages in real time due to lack of location

Difficulties in dispatching vehicles due to unclear location information

Location Diagram:

Structure of personnel positioning system in power plant

Structure of personnel positioning system in power plant

Major Functions:

| Historical Data Storage and Playback

Paging under airport personnel positioning

Smart Attendance: automatically record the working time of staff.

Working Hour Calculation: calculate the working hours of individuals or departments in each time period. 

Information Identification: automatically identify the tag holder's ID, name, team, phone number and other information. 

Data Export: retrieve and print attendance information by personal information, and generate attendance reports. 

Track playback of airport personnel positioning

Data Storage: unlimited storage of personnel motion trails can provide the basis for decision-making in tackling incidents. 

◆ Track playback: Play back the motion trails of a specific person / vehicle / suspicious baggage /area within a specific period of time. 

Funny video linkage of airport personnel positioning

| Real-time Location and Personnel Distribution

Real time location display of airport personnel location

◆ Obtain the accurate location and motion trails of people, suspicious baggage and vehicles in real time.

◆ Search people and vehicles in a smart way to improve work efficiency and achieve reasonable dispatch.

| Smart Attendance and Working Hour Calculation

Intelligent attendance of airport personnel positioning

| Geofence

Electronic fence for airport personnel positioning

Flexible setting of geofence shape, alarm rules and access rights. 

Conduct alarm management to people, vehicles and baggages that are not permitted to enter or exit specific area, thus achieving unified management. 

| Video Linkage

Carry out video tracking to key areas at the airport to observe the situation of each area in real time, ensuring site safety. 

Keep video records of alarming events for reviewing at any time. 

| Assurance of Paging and Evacuation Alarms

◆ Paging Alarm: the system can issue paging alarms and dispatch security guards.

◆ Evacuation Alarm: in case of fire or any danger, the system can issue evacuation orders to staff for custom area.

System Advantages

Application case of intelligent site positioning

| Active and Passive SOS Alarm

SOS alarm of airport personnel positioning

◆ The staff can send SOS alarm to the system by simply pressing a button on their tags.

◆ If the staff are sick / fainted etc., the tag will automatically send an alarm to the system to ensure timely rescue.

Very accurate location within only 10cm error. Facilitates the safe, efficient and smart management of the airport
We can customize solution for you based on the specific needs of your project!
Success cases
Coal Mine
Tunnel/Subway/Pipe Rack
Exhibition Hall

| SDK Secondary Development

SDK of airport personnel positioning
Real time positioning of 10 cm suspicious luggage

Real-time location of suspicious baggage

ensure the safety of entry baggage and improve the work efficiency for customs
Reasonable dispatching of personnel and vehicles

Reasonable dispatch of staff and vehicles

improve service quality to build a smart airport
10cm high precision positioning

Very precisely location within only 10cm error

unprecedented accuracy

SDK facilitates the secondary development of integrators

Easy secondary development for integrators via easySDK

the most easily integrated location system in the industry
Smart Factory
Hospital/Nursing Home
Smart Prison
Construction Site
Petrochemical Industry
Case-Handling Center
Digital equipment Room

SDK development kit includes back-end data interface and front-end user interface. 

Compatible with multi-platform: PC browser, mobile browser, PC client, mobile APP. 

Support multiple computing languages: Java, PHP, C#, JS. 

Comprehensive application functions: location system functions, behavior monitoring, video monitoring, Image AI, etc.