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Personnel orientation of case handling center
Solution for Personnel Positioning of Case-Handling Center

Introducing personnel positioning of case-handling center to ensure the implementation of case handling refinement and standardization, it helps to achieve “zero safety accidents” in law enforcement, thus effectively improve the law enforcement image and credibility of public security organs.

Pain points of the industry:

Solution Overview: 


 Drawing on UWB positioning technology, EHIGH personnel positioning system of case-handling center deploys positioning base stations in the case-handling center, and equips policemen and detainees with positioning tags, by which the system can obtain their accurate positions, with accuracy reaching 10cm. In this way, this system helps transform the passive handling into active supervision, isolated information island into holistic linkage, breaking limitation on place and time.

  The system can conduct positioning to relevant people in the interrogation room, information collection room, asking room and passages. The anti-dismantle positioning wristband worn by detainees has the functions of dismantling alarm and heart rate monitoring. The system can be linked with the original monitoring system through position data to provide video recording. At the same time, boasting the functions of electronic fence and video linkage, the system sets no-entry boundaries at key entrances and perimeters that an alarm will be issued when detainees approach or enter the boundaries illegally, by which to improve the smart handling capability of the existing system, and enhance the smart management.  

  ◆ Inability to control law enforcement process

  ◆ Inability to supervise enforcement actions of policemen

Inability to record suspect’s trial in a targeted manner

Inability to standardize the management of material evidence involved in the case

Positioning scheme:

Personnel orientation of case handling center

Personnel orientation of case handling center

Major functions:

| Anti-dismantling alarm, heart rate monitoring of the wristband

Track video synchronization of personnel positioning in case handling center

◆ Set electronic fence shape in a flexible way, alarm rules and access rights. 

◆ Conduct alarm management to people without permission to enter and exit the area under control, prevent behaviors such as entering other asking rooms.

Alarm for anti dismantling of bracelet for case handling center personnel positioning

Anti-dismantling alarm: anti-dismantle, anti-cutting. 

Heart rate monitoring: real-time monitoring of detainees' vital signs. 

Behavior monitoring of site personnel positioning

| Real-time positioning and personnel distribution

Real time location display of personnel location in case handling center

Obtain accurate position and motion trails of people in real time.

Count the number of people in each area, and grasp their situation dynamically.

Display the situation on the screen in the case-handling center and related authorized PC interface end in real time.

| Electronic fence

Electronic fence for personnel positioning in case handling center

| Efficient video linkage

Intelligent attendance of site personnel positioning

◆ Carry out video tracking to key areas in the case-handling center to observe the situation of each area in real time, ensuring the property safety.

◆ Play video records of alarming events synchronously.

| Behavior monitoring

◆ The system will automatically issue an alarm when police officers leave their posts or fall asleep on duty, detain criminals over the given time, fail to implement the case-handling procedures according to regulations.

◆ Illegal interrogation: the system will automatically issue an alarm for illegal interrogation such as single-person interrogation, timeout interrogation, out-of-position interrogation.

◆ Anti-collusion confession alarm: the system will automatically issue an alarm when people with the same tag enter the same area, by which to prevent confession in collusion.

◆ The system will automatically issue an alarm when the material evidence is taken out of the evidence room without authorization.


| Synchronous playing of movement-tracking videos

◆ Synchronize with the original monitoring system through position data, and provide video records.

◆ Query movement track by searching positioning tags, and synchronize video records to provide business queries.

Advantages of the scheme

Application case of smart site positioning

| SOS alarm

SOS alarm of case center personnel positioning

◆ In case of assaulting police, police officers can send an SOS alarm message to the system by pushing the button on their positioning tags, thus to give a real-time alarm. 

◆ If officers are ill at ease (in a coma, etc.), the tag will automatically send an alarm to the system to ensure timely rescue. 

Very precisely positioning within only 10 cm error. facilitates the safe, efficient and smart management of the case-handling center
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Success cases
Coal Mine
Tunnel/Subway/Pipe Rack
Exhibition Hall

| Storage and playback of historical tracks

Playback of the track of personnel positioning in the case handling center

◆ Track storage: unlimited storage of personnel motion trails can provide the basis for decision-making in tackling incidents.

◆ Track playback: the motion trails of a person/vehicle within a specified period of time can be played back according to the specific person or area.

Efficient handling of cases

Efficient case handling

intelligent supervision, efficient recording of law enforcement process
Guarantee the standardization of law enforcement

Ensure the standardization of law enforcement

informaion-based recording, standardized management, all-round supervision
10cm high precision positioning

Very precisely positioning within only 10 cm error.

unprecedented accuracy

SDK facilitates the secondary development of integrators

Easier secondary development of integrators through easySDK

the most easily integrated positioning system in the industry
Smart Factory
Hospital/Nursing Home
Smart Prison
Construction Site
Petrochemical Industry
Case-Handling Center
Digital equipment Room

| SDK secondary development kit

Secondary development of SDK for personnel orientation of case handling center

Provide SDK development kit software including background data interface and front-end functional interface. 

Compatible with multi-platform operating environment: PC browser, mobile browser, PC client, mobile APP. 

Support multiple development languages: Java, PHP, C#, JS. 

Comprehensive application functions: positioning system functions, behavior monitoring, video monitoring, Image AI, etc.