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Integrated Solution for Location Tracking under Coal Mine
10cm high accuracy location, core modules such as explosion-proof location anchors, location tags and engine softwares, build a precise location system ecology for coal mining workers.

Solution Background:


Solution Overview:

  EHIGH personnel location tracking system for coal mining, drawing on UWB technology, obtains accurate location of coal mining workers in real time through deploying certain location anchors under mine, and equiping workers with location tags, with accuracy up to 10cm.

  The system integrates well head uniqueness detection device to carry out card-free detection, multi-card detection and substitute card detection. It can track the real-time location of coal mining workers and vehicles, getting a full grasp of their motion trails. Moreover, with electronic fence, the system is able to realize both regional population statistics and dangerous area control. Meanwhile, it can link gas sensor, dust sensor and other sensors to monitor working environment, and issue two-way alarm in case of emergency to improve the accident response rate. Its intelligent inspection enables appraisal management of inspection work, standardizing the inspection procedure. 

Case Videos:

       With the increasingly higher requirements in China and worldwide for safe production under coal mines, the upgrading and transformation of "Six Major System" of mine has been proposed. Meanwhile, the coal mining location system also faces an upgrade from regional location to precise location.

Location Diagram:



Housing Solution for Hardware:

| 3D real-time location display

Video linkage

Overview mode:

◆ Cast an overview to the location of workers at different heights, quiackly and visually grasp the situation of the site.

People at different heights are marked in different colors. 

◆ Maps of different heights are displayed in a rough figure in the overview to clearly distinguish the map location.

layering display:

◆ The map at each layer can be viewed independently, and information such as person's name, planning area and the tag list are presented on the page.

Support tag retrieval, issue of paging and evacuation area delimitation. 


◆ Long-term storage of motion trails provides the basis for decision-making in issue handling.

◆ The motion trails of a person/vehicle within a specified period of time can be played back based on the tag ID or the specific area.


| 2D real-time location display


Display personnel location in the 3D model. 

Support all functions played in 2D map.

Support video linkage. 


| Static electronic fence


Combine the needs of end user industry to set electronic fence, and define each part of the electronic fence area in the map.

Set up various rule types, including entry only/ no entry only/ exit only/ no exit only/ timeout / stationary / disappearing / crowd gathering alarm.

| Dynamic electronic fence

◆ Hazard source setting: bind a specific card as the hazard source card, and an alarm will be issued when other positioning cards approach (the range can be set). Meanwhile, the card close to the hazard source will also issue an alarm promptly.

◆ Accompany setting: there must be an accompanying person (with accompany card) within the certain area oaround the person being accompanied (with accompanied card). There can be more than one accompanying person, and as long as any one of them are within the range, the system will not issue an alarm. Otherwise, the system will issue an alarm.

◆ Group-leaving alarm: if the distance between any two people (with positioning tag card) in a group exceeds the set value, the system will automatically issue an alarm.

| Video linkage

Select a tag for video linkage, the footage of this camera will be presented. 

◆ If the tag enters the area covered by another camera, the system will automatically switch to another camera.

Advantages of integrated solution:

Coal mine positioning application case

Precise positioning
Complete solution
MA Certification

Precise positioning

the positioning precision exceeds 0.3m,which meets the requirements of the national standard for underground precise positioning.

Complete solution

provide a complete solution which includes all parts, from device terminal to positioning engine, and to the basic functional module

MA Certification

the core hardware module meets GB3836 explosion-proof requirement, and the system meets AQ6201 standard

Coal Mine
Tunnel/Subway/Pipe Rack
Exhibition Hall
Success cases

| Use of map

Map management

Add and modify different scene buildings. 

Add, delete, modify and check the floors of each building, upload and modify the floor maps.

Support kml, png, jpg, json and other map formats.

| Use of camera

Camera management

Add and modify cameras for video linkage. 

Delimit the coverage of camera.

| Alarm management

Alarm management

◆ SDK interface provides various alarms: electronic fence warning, call records, SOS records, and abnormal situation of equipment.

Uniqueness detection

Uniqueness detection

domestic exclusive alarm device of multi-card detection and substitute card detection

Very precisely positioning within only 10 cm error. facilitates the safe, efficient and smart management of mine
We will customize the proper solution for you according to the specific needs of your project!

       In this integrated solution, EHIGH mainly provides location anchors / location anchor modules, location tags / location tag modules, while integrators mainly provide flameproof power supply and optical fiber switch.

| Housing for Anchor


| Housing for Location Modules


| Housing for Location Tags


EHIGH provides a complete machinary and PCB modules for location tags. 

Solution for Software:

PCB modules of location tag
The complete machinary of location tag

      In this integrated solution, EHIGH provides a complete interface for business logic of application, in order to quickly fulfill business software development.

      The equipment management interface and the location engine need to be docked with the transmission completed by integrator, for which, the structure of TCP/IP and server as location anchor is suggested to adopt.


Major Functions of SDK:

| Track playback

Smart Prison
Construction Site
Petrochemical Industry
Case-Handling Center
Digital equipment Room
Smart Factory
Hospital/Nursing Home