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Demonstration Kit for High-Precision Positioning
Instant construction of the minimum demonstration system
High-definition positioning demonstration, video-based demonstration, multifunctional software, SDK (Software Development Kit), technical support.

Introduction to the Kit:

   The EHIGH demonstration kit for high-precision positioning specializes in the instant construction of a positioning system in realistic settings to demonstrate the accurate positioning effects for you. At the same time, the kit includes the integrated development of SDK and UWB APPs, providing you with diversified positioning functions. The demonstration kit is featured by small size, low cost, powerful function and high cost performance, and will offer you an accurate positioning service.

Product advantages: 


Software functions
High precision positioning Demonstration Kit
High precision positioning demonstration kit product details

  ◆ Portable backpack, which can be quickly established anytime and anywhere

  ◆ Support all functions of the positioning system

  ◆ Provide easySDK development kit

  ◆ Provide professional and technical support

Software functions: 

2D, 3Dreal-time position display

Tracking rand playback

Electronic fence

Paging alarm

Video linkage

Samart inspection

Electronic roll call and intelligent attendance checking

Monitoring without cards

Organization structure and management

Multi-level permission configuration

Product and Service: 

  Demonstration kit for high-precision positioning (positioning equipment kit, including batteries, accessories, accessibility to wireless systems) 

  EHIGH EH100602E01 positioning engine software (3D version) 

  Management software for EHIGH EH100602F01UWB positioning system 

  A universal APP for EHIGH EH200002 

  EHIGH EH200001S SDK development kit

  EHIGH EH200001E SDK sample software

  Comprehensive training resources

  Technical guidance on applications

Product detail: 

High precision positioning demonstration kit product details


panel-type positioning base stations



positioning tag for ID badge



tag for supply card



anti-dismantle positioning wristband for heart rate monitoring



positioning tag for helmet


①---USB cable for charger with 5 connectors
②---Charger with 5 connectors
③---Pogopin USB cable
④---USB-DC power cable
⑤---Lser range finder
⑥---Server mirroring USB flash drive
⑧---Industrial network cable
⑨---Anti-dismantle wristbandfor heart rate monitoring
⑩---Positioning tag for employee ID badge
⑪---USB cable for portable power bank
⑫---Portable power
⑬---Panel-type base station
⑭---Router adapter
⑯---Power supply line for router
⑰---Tags for helmet
⑱---Tags for supply card
⑲---Withdrawal tool

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