Computer room personnel positioning
Solution for Personnel Positioning of Digital Machine Room

With zero-delay presentation of information about personnel inspection location, it optimizes the process, standardizes scheduling and promotes inspection efficiency of the digital machine room via security zone management and control as well as personnel on-duty monitoring.

Pain points of the industry:

Solution overview: 


 EHIGH personnel positioning of digital equipment room, adopting UWB positioning technology, deploys a certain number of positioning base stations in the equipment room and equips the inspectors with positioning tags to obtain accurate position of inspectors in real time, with accuracy up to 10cm. The system helps effectively manage on-duty staff to complete inspection tasks, and meanwhile preventing unauthorized people from entering the equipment room.

 The system also provides an smart management solution for enterprises, which greatly improves the management efficiency, enables the equipment room to operate normally and orderly, and prevent accidents caused by the entering of unauthorized people.  

Case videos:

  ◆ Complex environment, difficult inspection

  ◆ Increasesd number of equipment in the machine room, climbing maintenance workload

◆ Hard to quickly and accurately grasp the actual situation of the staff and equipment in the machine room, difficulty

    to refine the management

◆ Positioning accuracy higher than 0.5 meters, and it is required that the positioning equipment has no interference

    to the existing electronic equipment in the machine room

Positioning scheme:

Structure of computer room personnel positioning system

Structure of computer room personnel positioning system

Major functions:

| Video linkage

Track playback of personnel positioning in computer room

◆ Flexible setting of electronic fence shape, alarm rules and access rights.

◆ Conduct alarm management to people without permission to enter and exit the dangerous area to ensure the safety of inspectors' activity.

Video linkage of computer room personnel positioning

◆ Carry out video tracking to key areas in the equipment room to observe the situation of each area in real time.

◆ keep video records of alarming events for checking at any time.

Behavior monitoring of personnel positioning in computer room

| Real-time positioning and personnel distribution

Real time positioning of personnel in computer room

Acquire the position and motion trails of inspectors in real time.

Count staff position and the thermodynamic chart of their distribution to grasp their situation dynamically.

Facilitate the staff management and enable on-duty monitoring of staff.

| Electronic fence

Electronic fence for personnel positioning in computer room

| Smart inspection

Intelligent inspection of personnel positioning in computer room

◆ Customize inspection stations and routes, and meet the requirements for fixed-station and route inspection of the equipment room in all respects.

◆ The system can allocate inspectors, set inspection time and period by itself.

| Behavior monitoring

◆ Timeout monitoring: the system will automatically send an alarm while the inspection exceeds the prescribed time.

◆ Gathering monitoring: if inspectors gather or disappear in violation of regulations, the system will automatically send an alarm.

◆ Motionlessness monitoring: if inspectors keep motionless for a long time, the system will automatically send an alarm.

| Storage and playback of historical tracks

◆ Track storage: unlimited storage of staff motion trails can provide the basis for decision-making in tackling incidents.

◆ Track playback: the motion trails of a person/vehicle within a specified period of time can be played back according to the specific person or area.

Advantages of the scheme

Application case of smart site positioning

| SDK easiest development

Redevelopment of SDK for computer room personnel positioning
Very precisely positioning within only 10 cm error. facilitates the safe, efficient and smart management of digital equipment room
We will customize the proper solution for you according to the specific needs of your project!
Success cases
Coal Mine
Tunnel/Subway/Pipe Rack
Exhibition Hall
Fine management of computer room

Refined management of machine room

all-round monitoring of staff and quipment, intelligent, efficient and safe management mode
10cm high precision positioning

Very precisely positioning within only 10 cm error

unprecedented accuracy

SDK facilitates the secondary development of integrators

Easier secondary development of integrators through easySDK

the most easily integrated positioning system in the industry
Smart Factory
Hospital/Nursing Home
Smart Prison
Construction Site
Petrochemical Industry
Case-Handling Center
Digital equipment Room

◆ Provide SDK development kit software including background data interface and front-end functional interface.

◆ Compatible with multi-platform operating environment: PC browser, mobile browser, PC client, mobile APP.

◆ Support multiple development languages: Java, PHP, C#, JS.

◆ Comprehensive application functions: positioning system functions, behavior monitoring, video monitoring, Image AI, etc.