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EasySDK Development Platform
The most easily integrated positioning system in the industry
Advanced open source code, professional technical support, reducing 90% development workload, cutting down 80% cost.

System Introduction:

       EHGIH easySDK position service development platform can facilitate the development of APPs based on the high-precision positioning system and solve the problems faced by integrators, such as technical barriers, time-consuming process and high cost of secondary development. It can improve the integration and functional flexibility of positioning systems, and optimally satisfy the needs of customers. 
       As a bridge that links positioning systems, video surveillance, image-based AI and industrial applications, EHIGH easySDK position service development platform has provided the easiest development solutions for nearly 20 industries and more than 1000 customers.

Competitive edges: 

Function Introduction: 

Competitive edges
Easysdk development platform
Easysdk development platform

HG2D(2D GIS display)

HG2D provides a series of basic functions including HTML5-based Web 2D map rendering, translation, rotation, zooming, positioning icon display, position display, display of the number of personnel, scale, movement tracking, region display, dense clustering display, etc.

HG3D(3D GIS display)

HG3D provides a range of basic functions including HTML5-based Web 3D real-time map rendering, translation, rotation, zooming, display of the position of positioning cards, click position display, display of the number of personnel, movement tracking, 3D region display, dense clustering display, on-the-spot patrol, perspective tracking, etc.

HGFence (behavioral analysis)

HGFence provides the function of electronic fence and behavior monitoring alarm. When the electronic fence is installed, behavior monitoring can be conducted in the following aspects: permission to entry, refusal to entry, permission to exit, refusal to exit, regional gathering, regional motionlessness, regional disappearance, regional timeout, separation, etc.

HGPlayer (video surveillance)

HGPlayer provides a solution for HTML5-based plug-in-free, low-delay real-time video playback, which supports many surveillance camera brands such as Haikang, Dahua, Uniview, etc. It has real-time playback, history playback, console control and other functions, and can be linked with real-time positioning information, recording, and snapping.

HGData (data analysis)

Via the Facebook Thrift RPC protocol interface, HGData provides such functions as data erasing, data resampling, data smoothing, clustering, track similarity comparison, track distance calculation, stationary point calculation, bounding box calculation, bounding edge calculation, thermal distribution calculation, regional boundary violation calculation, polygon relationship calculation, point-to-polygon relationship calculation and so on.


HGTunnel applies TCP tunnel technology, which enables users to access the accurate positioning system of the intranet from anywhere, and offers a solution to the divergent network deployment of base stations and servers.

HGExample and HGAPP (sample website and sample APP)

In order to reduce the integrated development cost of the accurate positioning system, EHIGH has designed a sample website and a sample APP for the reference of developers, which has a series of core functions, including real-time 2D/3D display, historical track 2D/3D playback, behavior monitoring and alarm, map management, video playback, etc. Based on this, developers can quickly customize their development according to their own needs. Both the sample website and the sample APP provide source code and detailed front-and back-end design documentation.

HGAPI (HTTP/MQTT interface)

HGAPI provides rich data interfaces through HTTP protocol, which can operate base stations, positioning cards, real-time tracks, historical tracks, electronic fences, maps, alarms and other data, and provide clients in PHP, Java and C#.

HGFace (face recognition)

HGFace consists of face detection and face recognition. The accuracy of the LFW test set is 99.7%. It provides HTTP API, C, Python and other language development kits.