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UWB Software

1 、2D & 3D Real-time Location Display

2D and 3D real-time position display

2、History Playback


History playback

4、SOS and Paging

5、Video Linkage

SOS and paging alarm of UWB positioning software

6、Intelligent Patrol

Video linkage of UWB positioning software function

7、Electronic Roll Call & Attendance Checking

8、Vehicle Management

Intelligent inspection of UWB positioning software function

9、Visitor management

Visitor management of UWB positioning software function
Health management of UWB positioning software function

◆  Support 2D&3D maps, which can be scaled and dragged.

  Real-time location display / statistics of personnel, materials, vehicles, etc. / Real-time Video Linkage.

  Support png, jpg, AutoCAD and other map formats.

◆  Real-time tracking of any tags. 

◆  Unlimited storage of motion trails, video footage, heart rate records, and violations.

◆  Flexible screening via personnel, time slots and areas.

Electronic fence of UWB positioning software function

◆  Electronic fence control is usually set up for key areas for the real-time alarm of entry / exit.

◆  Flexible setting of fence control rules, including 4 combinations: allow / deny + entry / exit.

◆  Customization of operation time, fence shape design, real-time alarm of violations available from software and tags.

◆  Personnel can send SOS messages to the control center through the location tags, and give a real-time alarm.

◆  In case of emergency, the control center can page the tag in real time and issue an evacuation order.

◆  Support camera access of 6 major brands, including Huakang, Dahua, Uniview and Tiandy.

◆  Auto tracking and switching of cameras in the system back-end.

◆  Multiple video tracking tasks and simultaneously save to local.

Intelligent inspection of UWB positioning software function

◆  Customize the inspection personnel, task cycle, inspection stations and routes.

◆  Inspection tasks can be assigned to individuals or departments arbitrarily.

◆  Auto recording of the arrival time and the duration of stay of each individual at the inspection point.

◆  Conduct real-time dynamic roll call in any area to count the number of personnel. 

◆  Customize the time of roll call, the demarcation of attendance checking area, and set the attendance checking shifts for the department.

◆  Auto generate the attendance report, record of commuter time and on-duty duration, and auto evaluate the lateness and early departure of personnel.

Vehicle management of UWB positioning software

◆  Manage the enterprise vehicles and visiting vehicles, and figure out the entry and exit records.

◆  Check the real-time location and movement track of vehicles within the park, and grasp the location information at any time.

◆  Record the speeding information of vehicles and check whether there is any violation at the exit.

◆  Check the real-time position and motion trails of visitors. 

◆  Issue tag cards to visitors with one click, and instantly unbind upon their departure.

◆  Manage visitor permissions to ensure that they are away from dangerous and confidential areas.

10、Health Management

◆  Each tag can set the heart rate limit individually.

◆  Record abnormal heart rate and notify in time.

◆  Check the real-time heart rate graph and monitor the health conditions at any time.

11、Organizational Structure & Personnel Management

Organization structure and personnel management of UWB positioning software

◆  Customized organizational structure and easy management at the departmental level.

◆  Punch the tag to automatically input information, enabling personnel information management, and the instant binding / unbinding of the information.

12、Multi-level Permission Configuration

Multi level authority configuration of UWB positioning software

◆  Set user permissions to manage data viewing and operation separately.

◆  Hierarchical authorization of data.

◆  Hierarchical management of user's account & log.

13、Device Management

Equipment management of UWB positioning software

◆  Monitor the status of tags to clarify whether they are online, dormant, or offline.

◆  Low power reminder can ensure the normal functioning of tags.

◆  Monitor the status of the anchor in a real time manner, and send an alert in case of abnormalities to ensure system operation.

14、Support Back-end Management of Mobile APPs

Mobile management platform of UWB positioning software

◆  Check real-time location display and call for an evacuation; Support track playback.

◆  Send alarms in a real time manner; Synchronously display all alarm records.

◆  Check the report of electronic roll call and attendance record.

Location Data Analysis:

Location data analysis of UWB positioning software function

Outliers detection

outliers alarm
applicable to mutual monitoring in prisons
management of fire operation guardians

Source of Danger

alarm in case of vicinity to the source of danger
applicable to the anti-collision of forklifts and cranes
protection from toxic and harmful areas

Unaccompanied Personnel

alarm for key areas or unaccompanied personnel


alarm for motionlessness for a certain period of time

Disappearance Off-duty

alarm for personnel's disappearance in the working area

Retention Timeout

alarm for personnel's retention for a certain period of time
customized retention areas and time

Crowd Gathering

alarm for gathering
customized limit of the number of workers in specific area

Monitoring Multiple Tags

alarm for multiple tags worn by a single person