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Intelligent attendance of UWB Technology
Intelligent Attendance Checking

Anti collision between vehicles of UWB ranging system

10cm high-precision positioning, real-time positioning without delay, authentic intelligent automatic attendance checking

Real-time operation

real-time positioning, real-time attendance checking

Pain points of management:

   EHIGH intelligent attendance checking system draws on UWB positioning technology to construct positioning base stations in a certain area, so that personnel can punch in automatically with positioning tags. The system is featured by 10cm high-precision positioning, and it is able to conduct real-time precision without delay to avoid the complexity and inaccuracy of traditional manual attendance checking systems, and realize intelligent automatic attendance checking.

◆ Distribute positioning tags to outsiders or visitors, and identify their identities by checking the consistency of face recognition and tag card information with the attendance checking machine.

| Attendance information billboard

Intelligent attendance information board

◆ Display attendance information, including name, arrival time and attendance status.

| Detection of the consistency between the personnel and their identity

Personnel information consistency detection of intelligent attendance

free from the complexity and inaccuracy of the traditional manual attendance checking systems

System Overview:

Pain points of attendance management

Competitive edges of EHIGH visitor management:


diversified attendance checking modes, dynamic roll calling in any area


intelligent report analysis, automatic generation


infinite extension of terminals, accessible B/S architecture

Major functions:

| Intelligent attendance checking

Intelligent attendance

Customize the time for roll calling, the demarcation of attendance checking area, and set the attendance checking shifts of the department

Check the tag cards of personnel in the system, and check the previous attendance records

Automatically generate attendance report, record commuting time and on-duty time, automatically judge lateness and early departure.

Attendance records can be retrieved under any conditions, and EXCEL tables can be exported.

| Electronic roll call

Electronic roll call

Real-time dynamic roll calling: support real-time dynamic roll calling in any area to count the number of personnel there.

Check the details of the roll calling area: the presence and absence of personnel can be figured out easily, and the roll calling report can also be exported.

Instant roll calling: define an area for instant roll calling to check the attendance of personnel instantly.

delay errors

There is often a delay in the traditional attendance checking system
Fingerprint / face recognition errors, etc.

Incomplete information management of personnel

The scattered distribution of a large number of personnel results in the failure to definitely check their attendance.

labor-consuming and time-costing

It takes time and effort to make tables and check the attendance data of massive employees.


multi-level permission management, terminal data encryption