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Intelligent inspection
Intelligent inspection

Restrict the behavior of supervision and inspection to ensure the quality and utility of inspection.

Pain points of inspection:

   The EHIGH intelligent inspection scheme presets the inspection route with modern technology, and draws on communication, UWB real-time positioning, video surveillance and other technologies to ensure the actual presence of inspection personnel.

   The intelligent inspection scheme can help enterprises to manage the routes, tasks, personnel and incidents of inspection, thus changing the uncontrollable links in the traditional inspection management and circumventing various loopholes. Therefore, it enables enterprises to promote the construction of the reliability system, effectively supervise and restrict the inspection process, and realize the intelligent management of inspection work.

◆ The inspection results can be generated into a data report.

◆ Inspection information can be checked at any time via PC and APP.

◆ Analyze the inspection routes and the work of each team and its members.

◆ Guard against missed or repeated inspection, insufficient inspection duration, etc.

| Video footage tracking

Intelligent inspection process video tracking

◆ Video linkage can carry out real-time video tracking of the on-site inspection process.

◆ Support the preservation and backup of original data.

◆ Provide history playback, work reproduction and retrieval.

| Visualization of inspection results

Visualization of inspection results

System Overview:

Major functions:

| Ensure the actual presence of inspection personnel

Intelligent inspection

Set the inspection cycle and duration for each production equipment

Customize the inspection stations, set the scope and duration of inspection

Judge whether the duration of inspection reaches the set target or not.

Ensure the actual presence of the inspection personnel.

| Matching of inspection tracks

Intelligent inspection track matching

Set the operation order of each inspection station and plan the inspection route.

Long-term storage of the motion trails of inspection personnel.

Track playback according to personnel, time slots and areas.

Ensure that the inspection tracks match the requirements.

  ◆ Omission of some of the inspection items

  ◆ It is impossible to restrict supervision in real time

  ◆ Excessive trust in the digital sensor

  ◆ It is difficult to evaluate the inspection process

Applicable fields:

petrochemical industry
power plants / substations

petrochemical industry

power plants / substations