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Personnel orientation of chemical plant
UWB Real Time Location Tracking for Chemical Plant
Centering on personnel location system of chemical plant, it offers an information-based and visual supervision system for production safety that is comprehensive, accurate and efficient.

Pain Points of the Industry:


Solution Overview:

  Adopting UWB technology, EHIGH location system for chemical plant carries out real-time location via deploying a certain number of anti-explosive location anchors on site (workshops, roads and warehouses), and equipping staff, vehicles and materials with anti-explosive location tags, with the accuracy up to 10cm.

  The system can control the security area within the plant via workshop overstaffing/understaffing alarm, real-time location query, electronic fence, overtime stay/static alarm and other functions, and realize perfomance assessment of plant staff via inspection management, off-duty/over-duty alarm. Meanwhile, the system can also link various sensors, video monitoring, alarm systems, and intelligent “second-door”, to achieve refined management on chemical safety and production process control.

Case Videos:

Lack of comprehensive supervision means                             Isolated island in information

Blind and untargeted response to accidents                          Difficulties in prediction and post-trace of accidents

Location Diagram:

petrochemical industry

petrochemical industry

Major Functions:

| Smart inspection

Behavior monitoring of personnel orientation in chemical plant

◆ Flexible setting of electronic fence shape, alarm rules and access rights. 

Conduct alarm management to personnel who has no permission to enter or exit the dangerous area to ensure the safety of activity. 

Intelligent attendance of chemical plant personnel positioning

Draw up inspection task: customize inspection stations and routes. 

Formulate inspection rules: allocate inspectors, set inspection cycle and duration of stay. 

SOS call for help in chemical plant

| Real-time location and personnel distribution

Real time positioning of personnel in chemical plant

Acquire personnel position, distribution and motion trails in real time. 

Position information can be queried and displayed based on personal information. 

| Electronic fence

Electronic fence for personnel positioning in chemical plant

| Issue of paging and evacuation alarms

Paging under the position of chemical plant personnel

◆ Paging alarm: the system can issue paging alarms specifically and dispatch construction personnel properly.

◆ Evacuation alarm: in case of mergency, the system can issue evacuation orders to the factory staff according to the specific area.

| Active and passive SOS alarm

◆ Workers can send SOS alarms to the system by pushing a button on their location tag, so as to give a real-time alarm.

◆ The location tag will automatically send an alarm to the system if workers are ill at ease (in a coma, etc.) to ensure timely rescue.

| Behavior monitoring

◆ Overstaff/understaff: staff number in the workshop exceed or fall below the number pre-set, the system will automatically send an alarm. 

◆ Timeout monitoring: the system will automatically send an alarm when staff stay for more than a certain time. 

◆ Motionlessness monitoring: if staff keep motionless for a certain time, the system will automatically send an alarm. 

◆ Off-duty/over-duty alarm: if staff leave their position or stay in other's position for a period of time, the system will automatically send an alarm.

Advantages of the scheme:

Application cases of petrochemical positioning

Efficient handling of cases
Accurate and visual supervision tool
10cm high precision positioning

Comprehensive information-based supervision means

comprehensive supervision means and no isolated island in information

Precise and visual supervision tools

accurate and timely response to accidents, which can be predicted and traced

Very precisely location within only 10cm error.

unprecedented accuracy

Petrochemical Industry
Typical cases

| High-speed video linkage

Video linkage of personnel positioning in chemical plant

◆ Carry out video monitoring to key areas to improve accident tackling ability. 

◆ Conduct video linkage and storage for key events to improve the efficiency of video monitoring. 

◆ Conduct video linkage for senior staff to improve effectiveness of work supervision. 

| Attendance checking and working hour counting

Intelligent attendance of chemical plant personnel positioning

◆ Smart attendance checking: automatically record attendance of plant staff.

◆ Working hour counting: calculate the working hours of individuals or departments in each time slot.

◆ Information identification: automatically identify the tag holder's ID number, name, team, position, phone number and other information.

◆ Data export: retrieve and print attendance information according to personal information, and generate attendance reports.

| SDK secondary development kit

SDK of personnel orientation in chemical plant

Provide SDK development kit including back-end data interface and front-end functional interface. 

Compatible with multi-platform: PC browser, mobile browser, PC client, mobile APP. 

Support multiple languages: Java, PHP, C#, JS. 

Comprehensive application functions: location system functions, behavior monitoring, video monitoring, Image AI, etc.

SDK facilitates the secondary development of integrators

Easier secondary development for integrators through easySDK

the most easily integrated positioning system in the industry

Very precisely positioning within only 10 cm error. facilitates the safe, efficient and smart management of petrochemical industry
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