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Personnel orientation of smart factory
Solution for Personnel Positioning of Smart Factory

On the basis of Industry 4.0 Solutions for precise positioning, it facilitates the intelligent management of factory personnel, supplies and vehicles, ensuring personnel security while improving the productivity.

Pain points of the industry:

Solution Overview: 


 EHIGH personnel positioning system of factory, adopting UWB positioning technology, obtains accurate position of staff through deploying a certain number of positioning base stations in the factory, and equipping staff, vehicles and supplies with positioning tags, with the accuracy reaching 10 cm.

  The system achieves supplies/vehicles real-time positioning and quantity query, as well as fully intelligent supplies/vehicles search, which improves work efficiency and realizes reasonable dispatching. Integrating face recognition system, intelligent attendance checking, working-hour counting, behavior testing, historical track playback, personnel management, electronic fence, emergency rescue and other functions, it realizes the standardized management of on-duty personnel and subcontractors. Moreover, it links monitoring system and integrates functions such as personal efficiency analysis and supplies allocation counting, which can help the factory to conduct intelligent and visual targeted management, and to allocate staff, supplies and vehicles to each workshop appropriately. Finally, the use of vehicle anti-collision ranging alarm device effectively prevents the occurrence of high-risk accidents such as vehicle collision and crushing workers.  

Case videos:

  ◆ Unclear position of supplies and vehicles leads to difficulties in querying, tracking and dispatching. 

  ◆ Scattered staff distribution and complicated staff composition bring about difficulties of managers in regulation.

◆ Lack of updated data hinders the optimization of work process. 

◆ Vicious accidents in the factory such as scratching, collision and crushing between forklifts and accidentally injuring                  workers all lead to serious consequences. 

Positioning scheme:

Intelligent factory personnel positioning system architecture

Intelligent factory personnel positioning system architecture

Major functions:

| Behavior monitoring

Ranging alarm of factory personnel location

◆ Smart attendance checking: automatically record attendance of the factory staff.

◆ Working-hour counting: calculate the working hours of individuals or departments in each time slot. 

◆ Information identification: automatically identify the card holder’s card number, name, team, post, phone number and other information. 

◆ Data export: retrieve and print attendance information according to personal information, and generate attendance reports. 

Behavior monitoring of factory personnel orientation

◆ Implement bahavior monitoring on staff within the specific area to effectively prevent off-duty/over-duty behavior and                  overstaffing/understaffing. 

◆ Automatically send an alarm while staff stay for more than a certain time, and customize the setting of retention area and time. 

◆ Automatically send an alarm for gathering/unattended situation, and customize the setting of safe gathering size. 

◆ Automatically send an alarm while staff keep motionless for a certain time, and customize the setting of duration. 

Video linkage of factory personnel positioning

| Real-time positioning

Real time positioning of factory personnel

Obtain the position, distribution and motion trails of staff/supplies/vehicles in real time.

Query the quantity of supplies/vehicles in real time to realize fully automatic management.

◆ Search supplies and vehicles intelligently to improve work efficiency and dispatch reasonableness.

| Smart attendance checking and working-hour counting

Intelligent attendance of factory staff orientation

| Electronic fence

Electronic fence for factory personnel positioning

◆ Flexible setting of electronic fence shape, alarm rules and access rights. 

◆ conduct alarm management to personnel without permission to enter and exit the dangerous area to ensure the safety of personnel activity. 

| Video linkage

◆ Link monitoring system to conduct video monitoring on key areas to improve the early warning capability. 

◆ Keep video records of alarming events to provide a basis for processing. 

◆ Carry out personnel efficiency analysis and supplies allocation counting to reasonably dispatch staff and utilize stored supplies. 

| Anti-collision alarm for vehicle/human ranging

Anti-collision alarm for human-to-vehicle ranging: when the distance between staff and vehicles exceeds the safe range,    the acousto-optic alarm on the vehicle and the tags worn by staff will issue an alarm simultaneously.

Anti-collision alarm for vehicle -to-vehicle ranging: when the distance between vehicles exceeds the safe range,the             acousto-optic alarm on the vehicles will issue an alarm to each other.

Blind zone anti-collision alarm: when the vehicles/staff approach a corner or are at the blind zone of visual angle and there is a danger of accidental collision, an acousto-optic alarm will issue an alarm.

Advantages of the scheme

Smart factory positioning application case

| Storage and playback of historical tracks

Replaying the historical track of factory personnel positioning

◆ Track storage: unlimited storage of personnel motion trails can provide the basis for decision-making in tackling      incidents.

◆ Track playback: the motion trails of a person/vehicle within a specified period of time can be played back according to the specific person or area.

| SDK secondary development kit

Provide SDK development kit software including background data interface and front-end functional interface. 

Compatible with multi-platform operating environment: PC browser, mobile browser, PC client, mobile APP. 

Support multiple development languages: Java, PHP, C#, JS. 

Comprehensive application functions: positioning system functions, behavior monitoring, video monitoring, Image AI, etc.

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