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Tunnel personnel positioning solution
UWB Real Time Location Tracking for Prison

It provides an efficient and intelligent management, and changes passive supervision into active, achieving a new management prospectof pre-prevention, in-process control and post-verification.

Pain Points of the Industry:

Solution Overview: 


 EHIGH prison/judicial location tracking system, adopting UWB technology, obtains accurate location of prisoners and guards in real time via deploying location anchors in prisons, detention centers and case-handling centers, and equipping prisoners and guards with location tags, with accuracy up to10cm.

  The system supports all-day roll call that conducts 24-hour location monitoring and trajectory tracking on prisoners, whose secure location wristband can monitor the vital signs in real time. Meanwhile, it has the function of geofence and video linkage, setting no-entry boundary at key entrances and perimeters that detainees will be warned when they approach or enter the boundary illegally, by which to reduce the risk of supervision and law enforcement, and make supervision more intelligent, and improve the capability of 3D prevention and control of emergencies.

Case Videos:

  ◆ Lack of overall and visual management platform

  ◆ Delayed incidents response

 Insufficient flattening of management and command

◆ Inefficient and blind post-procssing capability

Location Diagram:

Intelligent prison personnel positioning system architecture

Intelligent prison personnel positioning system architecture

Major Functions:

| Anti-dismantling alarm, heart rate monitoring 

Track replay of prison personnel positioning

◆ Alarm management for people who are not permitted to enter or leave the prohibited area or who approach the perimeter.

◆ Flexible setting of electronic fence shape, alarm rules and access rights.

Prison personnel positioning Bracelet anti dismantling alarm

◆ Anti-removal alarm: anti-dismantle, anti-cutting.

Heart rate: real-time monitoring of detainees' vital signs.

Video linkage of prison personnel positioning

| Real-time location and personnel distribution

Real time positioning of intelligent prison positioning

◆ Obtain accurate location and motion trails of personnel in real time.

◆ Manually switch electronic maps or automatically switch upon personnel movement.

◆ Display distribution of police force in real time to provide decision-making basis for scientific mobilization.

| Boundary violation alarm from electronic fence

Electronic fence for smart prison positioning

| Electronic roll call

Electronic roll call of prison personnel

◆ Convenient roll call, flexible drawing of roll call area, automatically-generated roll call reports.

◆ Real-time calculation of prisoners that are present / absent, clear grasp of prisoners' presence. 

| High-speed video linkage

Synchronously track and record the movement of key criminals and video footage.

◆ Link with monitoring system of the prison, automatically call monitoring where the tag is located.

◆ Carry out video trail on key criminals, enable the early-warning.

| Storage and playback of historical tracks

◆ Track storage: unlimited storage of motion trails which provides the basis for decision-making in tackling incidents.


EHIGH Advantages 

Application cases of prison personnel positioning

| Behavior monitoring and exception alarm

Behavior monitoring of prison personnel positioning

◆ Real-time mutual monitoring: real-time alarm for mutual-monitoring outliers. 

◆ Long-time motionlessness / disappearing alarm / non-supervision alarm. 

◆ Automatic alarm from the system for illegal crowd gathering / long-time bonding. 

◆ SOS button for police officers, fall down alarm when attacked. 

| SDK Secondary Development Kit

SDK of prison personnel positioning

Provide SDK development kit including back-end data interface and front-end functional interface. 

Compatible with multi-platform operating environment: PC browser, mobile browser, PC client, mobile APP. 

Support multiple languages: Java, PHP, C#, JS. 

Comprehensive application functions: location system, behavior monitoring, video monitoring, Image AI, etc.

Global visual management

Global visual management

◆  Real-time location tracking

◆  Multi-system linkage: radio/video, payment service and access control

◆  Regional population statistics, key object tracking, electronic roll call

improved response speed

Improved response speed

◆  Tracking and recording of key object

◆  Two-way alarm: SOS active alarm and Evacuation passive alarm

◆  Unusual behavior monitor: (crowd gathering/ forced tag removal/ outlier/ non-supervision)

precise and efficient processing

Precise and efficient processing

◆  Electronic fence, perimeter protection deployment, cross-boundary alarm

◆  Sort/target control, independent setting of control rules

◆  Recording and archiving alarm events and video linkage, which can be traced afterwards

targeted flatten supervision

Targeted flatten supervision

◆  Multi-user, multi-authority 

◆  Push message to related person in real time

◆  View and operate at any time on cell phone, tablet or PC

Very accurate location within only 10cm error. System facilitates the safe, efficient and smart management of the prison. 

We will customize the proper solution for you according to the specific needs of your project!
◆ Track playback: the motion trails of a person/vehicle within a specified period of time can be played back based on the person or area.