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Personnel positioning of pipe gallery
UWB Real Time Location Tracking for Subway/Pipe Gallery

As the core module of the subway/underground operation and management platform, it promotes the digital and intelligent information-based management of the pipe gallery and subway.

Pain Points of the Industry:

Solution Overview: 


 EHIGH subway/pipe gallery location system, using UWB technology, obtains accurate personnel location in real time via deploying a certain number of location anchors in the location area and equipping underground workers with location tags, with accuracy up to10cm.

  Through real-time location of operation and maintenance workers, their motion trials can be mastered. On this base, it is possible to analyze the abnormal situation, send alarms and handle accidents timely, hence ensuring the safety of the workers. In addition, this system standardizes the process to prevent missed inspections, reduce potential risks, and ensure the safety of underground pipe gallery.  

  Moreover, the system can also access the sub-system data of underground environment and equipment monitoring, security protection, communication, early warning, professional pipelines, etc., and comprehensively integrate each sub-system to realize system linkage, providing overall security services for the underground work.  

Case Videos:

  ◆ Difficulties in ensuring the safety of operation and maintenance workers

  ◆ Delayed emergency rescue response

Inability to fully supervise the inspection process

Great possibility to ignore the potential risks 

Location Diagram:

Metro personnel positioning system architecture

Metro personnel positioning system architecture

Major Functions:

| Smart Inspection

SOS alarm for personnel positioning in pipe gallery

Working-hour counting: calculate the working hours of individuals or departments for specific time period.

Information identification: automatically identify the tag holder's ID number, name, team, position, phone number and other information. 

Data export: retrieve and print attendance information based on personal information, and generate attendance reports. 

Intelligent inspection of personnel positioning in pipe gallery

Draw inspection task: customize inspection stations and routes. 

Formulate inspection rules: allocate inspectors, set inspectiom cycle and duration of stay. 

Paging under the positioning of personnel in the pipe gallery

| Real-time location and personnel distribution


Acquire personnel location, distribution and motion trails in real time.

Query and display location information based on personal information.

| Smart Attendance and Working-hour Counting

Intelligent attendance of personnel positioning in pipe gallery

| Data Storage and Historical Data Playback

Track playback of personnel positioning in pipe gallery

◆ Data Storage: unlimited storage of personnel motion trails can provide basis for decision-making in incidents. 

◆ Track playback: the motion trails of an operation worker within a specifc period of time can be played back based on the specific person or area.

| Paging and Evacuation Orders

◆ Paging alarm: the system can send paging alarms specifically and dispatch staff properly. 

◆ Evacuation alarm: in case of danger, the system can issue evacuation orders to operation and maintenance workers based on specific areas. 

| Active and Passive SOS Alarms

◆ The operation and maintenance workers can send SOS alarm messages to the system by simply pressing a button on their location tags, then they can send real-time alarms.

◆ If operation and maintenance workers are ill or fainted (in a coma, etc.), the tag will automatically send an alarm to the system to ensure timely rescue.

EHIGH Advantages

Application case of smart site positioning

| Geofence

Electronic fence for personnel positioning in pipe gallery

◆ Flexible setting of electronic fence shape, alarm rules and access rights.

◆ Conduct alarm management to people without permission to enter or exit the dangerous area to ensure the safety of operation and maintenance workers.

The high-precision positioning system facilitates the safe, efficient and smart management of subway/pipe rack
We will customize the proper solution for you according to the specific needs of your project!
Success cases
Coal Mine
Tunnel/Subway/Pipe Rack
Exhibition Hall

| SDK Secondary Development Kit

Second positioning SDK
Real time location of suspicious luggage

Supervise the behavior of operation and maintenance workers

improve the operation and maintenance as well as the management of pipe gallery
Reasonable scheduling of personnel and vehicles

Ensure the safe underground operation 

conduct meticulous inspection to ensure the safety of the pipe gallery and special pipelines
10cm high precision positioning

Very accurate location within only 10cm error

unprecedented accuracy
SDK is convenient for secondary development of integrators

Easier secondary development package for integrators via easySDK

the most easily integrated location system in the industry
Smart Factory
Hospital/Nursing Home
Smart Prison
Construction Site
Petrochemical Industry
Case-Handling Center
Digital equipment Room

Provide SDK development kit including back-end data interface and front-end functional interface. 

Compatible with multi-platform operating environment: PC browser, mobile browser, PC client, mobile APP. 

Support multiple languages: Java, PHP, C#, JS. 

Comprehensive functions: location system, behavior monitoring, video monitoring, Image AI, etc.