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Solution forTunnel Personnel Positioning
Based on the full implementation of projects, it offers an accurate and feasible positioning scheme for the construction of expressways, railways, and tunnels

Pain points of the industry:

Solution Overview: 


 Drawing on UWB positioning technology, EHIGH tunnel personnel positioning system deploys positioning base stations on the service wagons, waterproof platform cars and tunnel lined platform cars, and equips construction personnel with positioning tags. In this way, the system can carry out 1D and 2D positioning on the personnel, vehicles or construction machinery (excavators, loaders) with the accuracy of 10cm.

 The tunnel personnel positioning system supports round-the-clock attendance checking, real-time automatic tracking of construction personnel, non-card detection based on cameras, so that it can comprehensively grasp the trajectory and position distribution of construction personnel in the tunnel. Besides, it can give a two-way alarm in case of emergency. Most importantly, in case of a sudden accident in the tunnel, it can immediately locate the trapped personnel. Therefore, the safety of personnel will be ensured and the efficiency of management can be effectively improved.  

  ◆ Difficultly in guaranteeing personal safety

  ◆ Blind rescue in the wake of accidents

◆ The inefficiency of traditional management

◆ Difficulty in investigating the cause of accidents

Positioning scheme:

Tunnel personnel positioning scheme

Tunnel personnel positioning scheme

Framework of tunnel personnel positioning system

Major functions:

| Storage and playback of history tracks

Electronic fence for tunnel personnel positioning

◆ Smart attendance checking: automatically record the construction personnel’s time of arrival at and departure from the tunnel portal.

◆ Working-hour counting: calculate the working hours of individuals or departments in each time slot.

◆ Information identification: automatically identify the card holder’s card number, name, team, post, phone number and other information.

◆ Data export: retrieve and print attendance information according to personal information, and generate attendance reports.


◆ Track storage: unlimited storage of personnel motion trails can provide the basis for decision-making in tackling incidents.

SOS alarm of tunnel personnel positioning

| Real-time positioning


◆ Overall coverage of the supported area and constructing area in the tunnel.

◆ Real-time acquisition of the position, distributionand movement track of construction personnel / vehicles.

◆ Smooth and stable positioning services without signal drift.

| Smart attendance checking and working-hour counting


| Issuance of paging and evacuation alarms

Paging and evacuation of tunnel personnel under positioning

◆ Paging alarm: the system can issue paging alarms specifically and dispatch construction personnel properly.

◆ Evacuation alarm: in case of ermergency, the system can issue evacuation orders to the construction personnel according to the specific area.

| Active and passive SOS alarm

◆ The construction personnel can send SOS alarm messages to the system by pushing the button on their positioning tags, then they can give a real-time alarm.


| Electronic fence

◆ The shape, alarm rules and access rights of the electronic fence are subject to flexible adjustments.

◆ Alarm will be issued if any personnel trespasses on dangerous areas to ensure the safety of the construction personnel in the designated area.

Advantages of the scheme:

Application case of tunnel personnel positioning

Timely emergency rescue

instant emergency response, targeted rescue

Optimized system functions

security of construction, comprehensive monitoring of construction process

10cm high-precision positioning

unprecedented accuracy

Classic case
10cmhigh-precision positioning system facilitates the safe, efficient and intelligent management of tunnel construction
We will customize the proper solution for you according to the specific needs of your project!

| Non-card detection

Non card detection of tunnel personnel positioning

◆ When the construction personnel or other unathorized persons enter the tunnel without the card, the system will issue a sound-light alarm.


◆ If the construction personnel are ill at ease (in a coma, etc.), the tag card will automatically send an alarm to the system to ensure timely rescue.
◆ Track playback: the movement track of a person / vehicle within a specified period of time can be played back according to the specific person or area.
◆ Combined with the video surveillance system, the system can capture and record the scene of non-card personnel, effectively prevent unathorized persons from entering the tunnel.