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UWB epidemic prevention and control system

System Architecture:

◆ Map out the office area at the departmental level in the system backstage.

◆ Restrict the movement scope of personnel in each department.

◆ If anyone is out of the designated area for a long time, the system will give an alarm automatically.

| Intelligent inspection

Intelligent inspection

◆ The system can set the disinfection areas / route / cycle / duration in advance.

◆ Real-time monitoring of the movement of disinfection personnel. If there is any spatial omission or insufficient duration of disinfection, the system will automatically give an alarm.

| Regional management and control

Regional control

Virus Prevention

How to guard against public gathering?

| Alarm for personnel gathering

Alarm when people gather

Monitor the location of all employees

Set a limit on the density of workers in a certain area

If the quantity exceeds the limit, the system will give an alarm automatically.

Prevent non-necessary personnel from gathering.

| Thermodynamic diagram analysis

Thermal diagram analysis

The thermodynamic diagram analysis is generated by the duration of stay of the personnel at the position.

Focus on the disinfection for densely populated areas / areas with a large traffic of workers.

Infection Control

Framework of UWB epidemic prevention and control system

How to take precautions in densely populated regions?

How to conduct overall disinfection?

How to reduce interdepartmental contact?

How to properly track possible contacts of the confirmed or suspected cases?

Location big data contact map

| A map of the contacts' position based on big data

◆ Based on the big data of personnel location, the map of internal contacts of the enterprise is generated.

◆ Contacts can be automatically checked according to the time and distance, and can be quarantined in time.

How to analyze the health conditions of highly vulnerable personnel?

| Analysis of highly vulnerable personnel

Analysis of high risk personnel

◆ With this system, you may customize contact rules to monitor employees' contact with each other.

◆ Once confirmed cases are found, personnel in close contact will be analyzed immediately and quarantined in time.

How to identify and disinfect high-risk areas after the confirmation of the epidemic?

| Checking of personnel's motion trails

Personnel history track query

◆ Identify high-risk areas according to the motion trails of the confirmed / suspected cases.

◆ Carry out targeted sterilization work to curb the secondary transmission of the epidemic in time.

Zero Transmission! Zero Diffusion!

EHIGH smart solution for the pandemic prevention and control