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EHGIH UWB Location System
The very accurate location system within only 10cm error. Video-based to conduct real-time location of personnel and materials.

System Introduction:

Introduction of UWB positioning software
EHIGH UWB indoor location system consists of end devices, software engine and back-end management. APP is accessible via PC or mobile phones, and it provides a range of services such as real-time location display, history playback, attendance checking, geofence, behavior analysis, smart patrol and so on. The location accuracy can reach up to 10cm, and meanwhile, it is featured by high dynamic properties, high capacity and low power consumption. It is applicable to tunnels, prisons, chemical industry, factories, coal mines, construction sites, power plants, nursing homes, exhibitions, logistics, warehousing, machine rooms, airports and so on.

System Advatages:

UWB positioning advantages
High Precision
location error is kept within 10cm
UWB positioning advantages
UWB positioning advantages
UWB positioning advantages
Strong Stability
anti-interference, anti-occlusion
        Long Duration
intelligent power saving, double battery life
UWB positioning advantages
UWB positioning advantages
Video Linkage
intensive integration of location and video display
Wide Coverage
single anchor covers more than 100m
Various Location Modes
seamless handover among 0D, 1D, 2D & 3D location

Location Modes:

Introduction to positioning mode

Location Effects: 

System Architecture:

Positioning system architecture

Location Engine:

Positioning engine

Multivariate Data Integration:

Multivariate data

Location Engine Architecture:

Engine architecture

Location Devices:

Location Tags
safety hat
Anti demolition
Ink screen
Three prevention type
Bracelet type
Helmet Tag
Exib Helmet Tag
Ink Screen Card
Location Badge
Location Bracelet
86 positioning base station (panel type)
Location Anchors
Ceiling type
Outdoor type
Remote external type
Intrinsically safe type
Panel (POE) Anchor
Outdoor Location Anchor
Exib Location Anchor
Dual-channel Location Anchor
Ceiling Location Anchor
Positioning software
SDK location service platform
High precision positioning Demonstration Kit