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Visitor management

10cm precise positioning, real-time tracking of visitors.

Monitor the access right of visitors to ensure that they are away from dangerous or confidential areas.

System Overview:

    EHIGH visitor management scheme can locate and monitor the position of visitors in real time, and it has set up electronic fence alarms to restrict visitors’ behavior and improve the effectiveness to deal with emergencies. Enterprises can flexibly manage the information about their visitors and check the visiting history at any time.

   The scheme integrates the technologies of electronics, digitalization, informatization, civil air defense and technical defense. It is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of security management, enhance the image and security strength of enterprises with informatized offices, and offer solutions for traditional visitor management.

| High-speed video linkage

◆ Electronic fences are set up in critical and dangerous areas to give early warnings of "boundary violation and detention".

◆ If visitors trespass on a critical area or stay in an area for too long, the system will give an early warning immediately.


◆ Video linkage can realize the comprehensive linkage of position information and video messages, and can carry out multi-target synchronous tracking.

◆ Video recording of violations can improve the effectiveness of visitor supervision.


| Tracking of the movement of visitors


◆ Real-time recording of the movement of visitors.

◆ Data including the visitors’ arrival time, departure time and duration of stay can be checked.

◆ In special cases, the events can be traced through the motion trails of visitors.

| Intelligent early warning in critical areas


| Compatibility with multifunctional E-cards


◆ It serves as the access control in and out of key areas based on its compatibility with the system of multifunctional E-cards

Applicable fields

Pain points of management:


Competitive edges of EHIGH visitor management:


10cm high-precision positioning

Support 2D and 3D maps, real-time display of position

Real-time control of visitor position distribution and motion trails


Restrict the behavior of visitors

Set access permissions for critical and dangerous areas

Give early warnings of boundary violation and detention


Informatized storage of visiting information

Its high-speed video linkage can record the scene from multiple angles

Visiting information is kept for a long time and can be checked at any time

Easy operation and instant registration

One-click issuance of tag cards; instant unbinding upon the departure of visitors

Facilitate the registration of visitors and realize the intelligent management of enterprises

Relevant applications of visitor management:

| Instant input of information about visitors


It can be connected to the ID card reader, and allows the manual input of the certificate information to ensure its authenticity.

Name, age, ID number, contact information, enterprises and other information can be recorded online.

Personnel information can be retrieved by name, tag card number, arrival time and departure time.

| Real-time tracking of visitors’ position


Real-time acquisition of personnel position; 2D/3D map real-time display.

Key personnel tracking, management and control of key areas, information checking and display according to classifications.

petrochemical industry

smart factories

smart construction sites

case-handling centers

power plants


smart prisons