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Tunnel personnel positioning solution
UWB Positioning System of Warehousing Logistics

UWB high-precision positioning service conducts real-time management to employees, vehicles and goods of the warehouse, and integrates the warehousing management system to reduce cost and increase efficiency of warehousing logistics management.

Pain points of the industry:

Solution overview: 


 Adopting UWB positioning technology, EHIGH UWB positioning system of warehousing logistics deploys a certain number of positioning base stations in the logistics area of warehouse and labels important goods in the area with UWB positioning tags, which can directly realize real-time positioning and management of important goods. In addition, the system also equips vehicles with a positioning anti-collision base station or positioning tag to accurately monitor the real-time position of vehicles. On this basis, by combining the vehicle dispatching system, the working state monitoring and dispatch management of the vehicles in logistics area of warehouse can be realized. Through labeling carriers in the warehouse with positioning tags, combining RFID or barcode information and matching PDA scanning codes, the automation of the retrieval, warehousing and transferring can be improved, with operational efficiency of each stage enhanced.

Case videos:

  ◆ Low degree of automation: the retrieval/warehousing/strock transferring relies on the manual management to a large extent, leading to work inefficiency 

  ◆ Difficulties in managing the position of goods in storage: low efficiency, high cost and high mistake rate

◆ Low efficiency in dispatch: vehicle position, tasks, working status cannot be monitored in real time 

◆ Inability to ensure safety: the warehouse area has a large flow of people and vehicles, which are prone to collisions and collisions 

Positioning scheme:

Framework of warehouse personnel positioning system

Framework of warehouse personnel positioning system

Major functions:

| Electronic fence

Vehicle position monitoring, vehicle working condition and efficiency statistics.

Online management of tasks, reasonable dispatch to improve the working efficiency of logistics vehicles. 

Optimized route of logistics vehicles and off-route alarm. 

The historical track of warehousing logistics positioning

Flexible setting of electronic fence shape, alarm rules and access rights. 

Off-area alarm for unauthorized movement of important goods. 

Vehicle detention alarm, access control. 

System docking of warehousing logistics positioning

| Supply positioning and statistics

Material positioning of UWB positioning in warehousing logistics

Real-time acquisition of sipplies' position .

Count supplies distribution in the warehouse.

Query and display the position information according to classifications.

| Logistics vehicle management

Logistics vehicle management of warehousing logistics positioning

| Human-to-vehicle anti-collision alarm

Collision avoidance of people and vehicles in warehousing logistics positioning

Human-to-vehicle proximity alarm, vehicle-to-vehicle proximity alarm. 

Flexible setting of alarming distance.

◆ 100ms low-delayed alarm to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

| Docking of WMS, WCS, ERP, RFID systems

Support docking of WMS, WCS, ERP, RFID systems, and SDK secondary development kit. 

Integrate RFID、WMS systems to conduct warehousing, transferring and stocktaking. 

Compatible with multi-platform operating environment: PC browser, mobile browser, PC client, mobile APP. 

Support multiple development languages: Java, PHP, C#, JS. 

Comprehensive application functions: real-time positioning, GIS engine, alarm issuance, behavior monitoring, video monitoring, etc. 

Advantages of the scheme

Application case of smart site positioning

Very precisely positioning within only 10 cm error. facilitates the safe, efficient and smart management of warehousing logistics
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Success cases
Coal Mine
Tunnel/Subway/Pipe Rack
Exhibition Hall
Global visual management

Global visual management

omnibearing and unified management of the location of people, vehicles and goods to reduce cost and increase efficiency
Multi system integration and complementarity

Multi-system integration and complementation

complete SDK docking, support the rapid integration of WMS\ERP, and optimize all stages of the warehousing business process
High efficiency and safety coexist

Efficiency and safety

simultaneous positioning of logistics vehicles, compatible with low-delayed anti-collision alarm to ensure safety of the warehouse
Technology integration, low cost

Technology integration and lost cost

integrate RFID technology and transform supply positioning into carrier positioning to greatly reduce the cost
Smart Factory
Hospital/Nursing Home
Smart Prison
Construction Site
Petrochemical Industry
Case-Handling Center
Digital equipment Room