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Exib Location Anchor

Exib Location Anchor

Exib Location Anchor

Product model:EH100602D12

Very precisely positioning within

only 10 cm error

Strong stability, anti-occlusion, anti-interference

Intrinsically safe, industrial


Standardized explosion-proof design, applicable to explosive environments

Precisely processing, waterproof, dust-proof

Sealed structure, IP67 protection grade

Easy installation, time-saving and


Optical fiber access, cascade available, convenient deployment

Product details: 


Technical parameters: 

1、 Data connection:

Fiber connection: single-mode fiber, cascading accessible

Wireless connection:WIFI_802.11b/g/n@2.4G

External whip antenna, BNC-N-KK joint

2、 Power supply:10-24V/450mA@DC12V

3、 Explosion-proof grade:Exib IIC T4 Gb

4、 Positioning range:100m-200m

5、 Working temperature:-40℃~85℃

6、 Rated power:5.5W

7、 ESD protection for net interface:8kV

8、 Waterproof and dustproof: IP67 (soakable)

9、 Positioning accuracy:≤10cm

Relevant equipment: 

1、  Size:280.6*75*54(mm)

2、  Weight:2100g

3、  Input voltage(AC):190V-242V(AC)

4、  Output voltage (DC):12V

5、  Output current:500mA

6、  Output power:<6W

7、  Um:242V.AC

8、  U0:12.5V

9、  L0:22uH



12、Explosion-proof grade:Ex ib mb IIC T4 Gb

13、Working temperature:-20℃~55℃

14、Storage temperature:-40℃~60℃

15、Working humidity:0~95%

16、IP67 Waterproof and dustproof: IP67

Applicable fields: 

Petrochemical industry Mine