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E-ink Screen Card

E-ink Screen Card

Ink Screen Card

Product model:EH100602A01-S

10cmhigh-precision positioning

strong stability, anti-occlusion, anti-interference

Supersizee-ink screen、clearer information presentation

visualization of battery level, alarms, date, weather, humidity, and temperature

Functioning for 3 monthsafter each charging

embedded with high capacity lithium-ion batteries, functioning for 3 months in the intelligent power-down mode

Compatible with multifunctional E-card

RFID(NFC)chips embedded, applicable to access control and payment services

Product details: 

Technical parameters: 

1、  Manner of wearing: across the chest

Battery life:

Continuous positioning mode: 1.5months (1Hz refresh rate)
/ 3.5months (0.3Hz refresh rate)

Intelligent power saving mode: 3 months (1Hz refresh rate)
/ 5 months (0.3Hz refresh rate)

2、 Positioning range:30m-100m

3、Highest precision:≤10cm

4、Working temperature:-20℃~60℃

5、IP65 Waterproof and dustproof: IP65

6、Interactive functions: SOS button, LED light signal, RFID embedded (compatible with multifunctional E-cards), vibration reminder

Applicable fields: 

Smart construction sitescase-handling centers smart prisons

hospitals / nursing homesairports smart factories