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Ceiling Location Anchor

Ceiling Location Anchor

Ceiling Location Anchor

Product model:EH100602D09-X

Very precisely positioning

within only 10 cm error

Strong stability, anti-occlusion, anti-interference

Overall signal coverage

Omni-directional positioning antenna, a larger scope of coverage

Easy installation, time-saving

and labor-saving

Free from high-voltage cabling, easy and risk-free installation

Precisely processing, waterproof,


IP67 protection grade, sealed structure

Product details: 


Technical parameters: 

1、   Data connection:

Wired connection: LAN (adaptive 10M/100M)

Wireless connection: WIFI (802.11b/g/n_2.4GHz

Internal antenna

2、   Power supply: 48V standard POE,



3、   Positioning range:100m-300m

4、   Working temperature:-40℃~85℃

5、   Rated power:2.4W

6、   ESD protection for network interface:8KV

7、   Surge protection for power port:2kV

8、   Surge protection for network interface:2kV

9、   Waterproof and dustproof: IP67

10、 Positioning accuracy:≤10cm

Applicable fields: 

Smart factoriesExhibition halls / Galleries / Museum

Nursing homes / HospitalsPublic security bureaus /Judicial bureaus/Prisons